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Low prices and appearance go hand in hand when it comes to discount flooring. Given a character, cabin, tavern, #3 common, or value grade or called factory seconds, discount flooring is characterized by a distinct presence of knots, mineral streaks, and color variation. Unlike higher grade hardwood, which have an even appearance, discount flooring gives a space a rustic look.

Grading for discount hardwood can be confusing. Unfinished hardwoods are given a grade based on National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) standards, and appearance is the primary factor. Woods with no variation and a greater presence of heartwood have Clear or Select Grades. Hardwoods with some knots, streaks, and color variation have #1 or #2 common grades. Value grade flooring has the most knots and other character marks and does not meet a manufacturer's standards.

Finding Discount Flooring

Finding discount flooring is a challenge. Although nearly every brand carries it, retailers seldom do. Distributors, however, are given a monthly list from mills for the factory seconds sold. The quantities of certain types, species, and brands available influence a distributor's monthly selection.


Color variation is a notable quality for discount flooring. Having a unique appearance, character grade planks have greater color variation and incorporate colors, particular black and green, not found in higher grades. Knots, mineral streaks, and other marks resulting from the elements contribute to discount flooring's unusual and rustic appearance. Often cut from the outside of a tree, character grade hardwoods may have splints, checks, or windshake.

Don't Get Fooled

Poor milling, however, may give hardwoods a "discount" label. Value flooring, in this case, may have voids on the bottoms, tree bark edges, missing tongues, or irregular corners. Each of these features makes installation difficult, as planks will not fit together or may create an uneven surface. Because a small amount of discount flooring can be poorly milled, inquire about quality before purchasing and give yourself at least 10 percent more flooring to compensate for defects.

Prefinished hardwoods are also sold as discount flooring, but grading varies. Based on a manufacturer's descriptive system, prefinished hardwood becomes factory seconds before or after finishing. Cabin grade prefinished flooring, as a result, did not meet a manufacturer's standards when unfinished or after finish was added.