Discount Pergo Flooring

A brand of high-quality laminate flooring, Pergo has collections in all price ranges. Although originally a manufacturer of countertops, Pergo introduced laminate flooring 30 years ago and, in 2004, added hardwood products to its U.S. market.

Pergo flooring is known for top-quality scratch and stain resistance and is created to emulate the appearance of natural wood, stone, or tile. To appear like natural hardwood, Pergo laminate flooring has added texturing. The top layer of the laminate product has the contours of wood grain, which creates a realistic look and feel. Pergo flooring, as well, has patented surface protection; as a result, spills will not stain the surface, dirt and dust will not stick, the appearance will not fade, and the floor requires minimal maintenance.

Pergo collections range in price. The brand's number-one selling line in the U.S. is the Accolade Collection, which has attached underlayment. Laminate flooring in this collection aims to mimic domestic and exotic species in appearance and has a 25-year warranty. Price-wise, the Accolade Collection costs almost as much as any domestic hardwood species.

Discount Pergo flooring, on the other hand, includes the Everyday Collection. As the brand's affordable line, the Everyday Collection mirrors domestic species, including oak and maple, and planks are characterized by square edges.

Discount Pergo flooring is a click product that can be floated over any subfloor. All planks are rotated into place, and no nails, staples, or glue is needed.

In general, laminate flooring is durable and scratch-resistant. No matter if the flooring has the look of hardwood or tile, all planks are made out of particleboard with a photographic image on top. A cellulose-resin or melamine coating is added. As a result, laminate flooring cannot be sanded or refinished, and some lines, once installed, may have a hollow sound. Added underlayment, however, can make laminate sound more like authentic hardwood.