Bruce Discount Flooring

One of the most preferred brands of wood flooring, Bruce Hardwood offers several solid and engineered product lines of domestic and exotic species. Bruce's prefinished products are often given high-performance finishes, while engineered and laminate lines are designed with Lock&FoldĀ®. Out of more than 200 styles of flooring, Bruce Hardwood includes products in varying price ranges. If you are looking for discount Bruce flooring, here are your options:

Waltham Strip or Plank is an affordably-priced solid hardwood line. Characterized by micro-beveled edges and a medium-gloss finish, Waltham Strip or Plank is 3/4ths of an inch thick and varies from eight- to 84-inches long. Unlike higher-priced lines, Waltham has a greater prevalence of shorts. All planks or strips must be nailed or stapled to flat subfloors.

Adventure Plank is an engineered line of discount Bruce flooring. Planks are five-inches wide and 1/4ths inches thick and come with a limited number of finishes (natural, gunstock, butterscotch, and saddle). All planks can be stapled, glued, or floated.

Nelson is another discount engineered line. All planks are square edged and can be stapled, glued, or floated.

Heritage Heights is a lower-priced line of laminate flooring. Designed to have the look of real hardwood, Heritage Heights is durable and easy to maintain and comes with a 20-year warranty. Made with Bruce's Lock&FoldĀ® technology, Heritage Heights can be floated and consists of planks that imitate the look of various domestic and exotic hardwoods.

The Timberland Collection is Bruce's line of #3 common flooring. Specific products vary but always include solid and engineered hardwoods with character marks. Priced significantly lower than standard Bruce solid and engineered lines, #3 common flooring from this collection is sold with or without a warranty.